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Certificates of Grades, tittles, legalizations, translations, Certified True Copies, posting to WES and BACB.


What do you need to know about our company?

Cuba Legal Services offers obtention, legalization, Certified True Copy, translation and posting of School Records from studies made on the Cuban territory. We can post the aforementioned documents properly legalized either electronically or by DHL to any International institution, no matter where.

We are a private company, based in Havana, as a sister entity of Cuba City Hall, which has been offering services of Document Retrieval and legalizations since more than a decade.

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What services do we offer?

Retrieval of Document Process

We retrieve school documents at the autorized cuban entities, issued with all legal currency abroad.

Obtaining and legalizing documents

We can process and legalized documents issued in Cuba with all legal currency abroad.

General translation and shipping services

On the client's request, we can have the document translated by the authorized cuban entity.

Institutions that recommend us

We are recommended by prestigious institutions that guarantee our experience in the processing of educational documents, thus contributing to your professional growth.

Who is our service for?

Our services are generally aimed at foreigners and Cubans residing abroad.

Do you want to request several services and do not know how much money is involved?

We invite you to refer to our cost calculator, where you can select the procedures you want and it will make an immediate, approximate calculation of what it would be your general budget. The information you enter will only be seen by you.

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