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We provide an attorney screening, pricing and service

comparison report for Cuba related legal matters

Need a good lawyer for a Cuba related legal matter?

We can help you find the right Cuba specialty attorney.

Cuba related legal issues are usually complicated and always require competent legal advice from experienced Cuba specialty attorneys. Whether you are being proactive exploring sales to Cuba or business in Cuba or reactive requiring legal assistance regarding an OFAC compliance issue, you need to find the right attorney that can resolve your specific Cuba-related legal matter. We provide the solution.


How it works

  1. We talk with you to get as much background as necessary in order to inform the Cuba specialty attorneys we will contact on your behalf.
  2. We select several attorneys that we know are the most qualified for your situation.
  3. We contact them and explain your situation to each attorney.
  4. We ask if they are qualified and available to address your legal issue.
  5. We ask each attorney for a start-to-finish timeline.
  6. We ask each attorney to provide us with a fixed price or price range for their service.
  7. We then draft a customized legal assistance report with "actionable intelligence" for you.

Your report features "actionable intelligence"

  • Contact information for each attorney who replied to our request
  • Explanation of work required as learned from attorney conversations
  • Start-to-finish timeline expected to address your issue
  • Pricing of services and potential pro bono quotes

About Our Legal Assistance Report

We have known many Cuba practice attorneys for many years. We know attorneys from Washington DC, Miami, Canada, Spain, Cuba and beyond who understand the complexity of US laws, OFAC regulation and the Cuban legal system. Our report will help you find the right attorney that can provide the legal assistance required to resolve your Cuba related legal issue.

Think of our proprietary service as a screening and comparison shopping report for attorney services customized to your particular legal matter. We not only provide you with the contact information of qualified attorneys that can assist you but we also provide estimates of their services along with an estimate of the timeline for resolving your Cuba related legal matter.

We select the most relevant Cuba practice lawyers or law firms in Cuba that are the most qualified to address your legal matter regarding:

We work for you - No conflict of interest

We receive no compensation from any attorney listed in our reports. Our customers pay us for the legal assistance report so we are always working in the best interest of our customers. This way, there is no conflict of interest and no favoritism towards any attorneys in any of our report.

Our collective relationship

We ask you to provide information about your background, your contact information and the Cuba related issue that needs to be resolved. We then select and engage with several attorneys and provide them with a summary of your legal assistance request. We ask them to review the information and reply directly to us. We then compile and send you a thorough attorney review report. You then decide which attorney(s) you would like to contact and when. So, no attorney will contact you as a result of our work on your behalf.

Ordering a report

Send us an email or call us at (508) 744-6790 in Massachusetts so we can have a question and answer session so we can start the process for you. Turn around time is generally one to three weeks depending upon the complexity of your issue.

Cost of Legal Assistance Report = $200

We ask for a $100 deposit. This fee establishes our relationship and clearly retains our services so that we are then working 100% in your best interest. We will not accept a deposit unless we are confident that we can provide an informative legal assistance report for you. 

The balance of $100 is due when the report is ready.

Fees can be paid by Paypal, credit card, bank wire, bank deposit, check, Western Union or money order. We will discuss payment options during our initial conversation.

Why can't I do this myself?

You can. You can research attorneys and cold call dozens of attorneys and law firms and ask them if they are qualified and able to offer you legal assistance. You can ask them about their start-to-finish timeline and you can ask them about a price range or flat fee pricing. We are confident that we will not only be able to provide you with better information but that we can get it quicker and possibly at a lower cost. In some cases, attorneys are able to offer pro bono work for our customers.

Why order our Cuba Legal Assistance Report?

Since we have long working relationships with a number of highly respected and qualified Cuba specialty attorneys, we easily earn our service fee by saving you lots of time and money.

Also, since the attorneys we work with are experts in their area of practice, you can rest assured that you are being offered the highest quality of legal assistance.


  • We cannot guarantee that your situation can be resolved.
  • We cannot guarantee that we can find an attorney qualified or motivated to help you.  
  • No attorney is legally bound to offer any legal assistance as described in the final report.
  • No attorney is legally bound to any pricing or timeline as described in the final report.
  • Our legal assistance reports serve as a guide based on email or phone conversations with attorneys and/or their staff. Pricing, availability, services offered and any other factors mentioned in the final report may change without notice.
  • Nothing mentioned in any legal assistance report should be considered to be legal advice or a proposal for legal services.


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