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Cuban Property Claims

In a 109 page report by the Foreign Claim Settlement Commission of the United States Cuban Claims Program, the certified claimant list features over 8800 claims by almost 6000 individuals and businesses who have a legal claim against Cuba for property seizures after Fidel Castro came to power.

Total value of all the claims was nearly $2billion at the time of seizure. Appreciating the assets at 6% per year pushes the current value over $7billion.

Taken from one of the lines in the spreadsheet report:

  • Claim Number - CU-3523
  • Decision Number - 1178
  • Name of Claimant - Wedderspoon, Amelia C.
  • Type of Loss - Land
  • Type of Loss Detail - Beach Front
  • Location of Property - Isle of Pines, Cuba
  • Amount of Loss Certified - $12,720.00

Be sure to visit the Certified Cuban Claims website and read about the restrictions regarding the transfer of claims against Cuba.

Cuba Property Claims Attorneys has a close working relationship with several attorneys and law firms that specialize in seized Cuban property claims.

Prominent Cuban claims attorney Timothy Ashby wrote US Certified Claims Against Cuba - Legal Reality and Likely Settlement Mechanisms with the following chapters:

  • Nationalization of US Assets in Cuba
  • Valuation of the Nationalized Properties
  • The US Cuban Claims Program
  • Cuba's Legal Position on US Claims
  • Settlement Attempts
  • Options for Settlement
  • Special Situations Funds

with this introduction...

Misconceptions abound regarding U.S. certified claims against Cuba for properties taken by the Castro regime. Given the probability that the Obama administration may pursue a different Cuba policy than its predecessors, a realistic approach to resolution of the claims issue requires an objective understanding of the legal environment and options for settlement.

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