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Consultoria Juridica Internacional

  International  Legal  Consultancy

The Consultoria Juridica Internacional (International Legal Consultancy in English) is a Cuban law firm dedicated to providing specialized services concerning legal assistance and advice to individuals and corporations. The firm focuses on corporate law, industrial property, intellectual property, etc.

Consultoria Juridica Internacional’s largest client is Corporacion Cimex, S.A., the largest Cuban government-controlled company. Corporacion Cimex S.A. has operations in retail, shipping, in bond warehousing, financial services, tourism, and other areas.

Loosely translated from their promotional materials, is happy to provide our readers with this rare look into this unique Cuban law firm with the words below.

The law firm is headquartered in Havana and has offices in every Cuban province and offers the following services:

  • General advice and legal assistance in civil law matters, Family, Property, Administrative, Labor, Criminal, Commercial, Financial, Tax, Shipping, Trade and Foreign Investment.
  • Preparation of legal opinions, specialist consultations and opinions related to Cuban law.
  • Services of incorporation, legal and secretarial support to joint ventures and Cuban and foreign corporations.
  • Comprehensive legal review on the legal status of domestic and foreign corporations and any form of investment.
  • Legal representation in ordinary judicial processes, executive summary and the courts of the Republic of Cuba.
  • Assistance and legal representation in arbitration proceedings before the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba.
  • Legal advice, representation and processing in intellectual property such as trademarks and patents.
  • Processing and enrollment forms of foreign investment.
  • Applications for accreditation and registration of agencies and branches of foreign corporations, to the records of agents and branches of foreign commercial companies of the Republic of Cuba and the National Registry of Travel Agents, attached to the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba.
  • General Services Registry for the various public records of the Republic of Cuba.
  • Procurement and incorporation of companies

Legal Services in Cuba

  • Expert advice and general legal assistance in Civil, Mercantile, Economic, Propriety and Intellectual Property, Administrative, Financial and Tributary, Maritime, Labor and Penal law to natural or juridical people, nationals or foreigners.
  • Specialized consultations, elaborations of opinions and legal dictums related with Cuban legislation in force and applicable legislations at other countries, to national and foreigners business partnerships, Joint Ventures, contracts of economic international association, commercial branch offices and Travel agencies.
  • Services of Constitution, legal advisory and secretary to Cuban and foreign trade societies, Joint ventures, contract of International Economic Associations, foreign investors, cooperated productions and Joint management.
  • Representation at Institutions and Organisms of the Central Government.
  • Representation and legal assistance at the tribunals of the Republic of Cuba, the Public Prosecutor's Office and other administrative institutions, as well as the court of Arbitrage attached to the Chamber Of Commerce of the Republic of Cuba and other Arbitrational Courts.
  • Legal and technical expert advice in the requests, procedure and representation of issues pertaining to Intellectual ownership (Copyright, Patents, brands and other Distinctive marks)
  • Legal services at the different public records offices and administration of the Republic of Cuba in the different modalities of foreign investment, contracts of cooperated production and management on the national territory, as well as Travel agencies and foreign business partnerships' subsidiaries.
  • Travel Insurance service including medical expenses, repatriation and transportation, civil responsibility and assistance un case of theft of documents and luggage to the policy holders.

Notary Services in Cuba

• Letters of invitation
• Special or generals powers of attorney
• Protocols
• Divorces
• Agreements
• Minors' recognition
• Requests acts
• Protests of bills of exchange
• Comparison of documents
• Legalization of signatures
• Marriages

Marriages in Cuba

For the people interested in engaging in legal marriage in Cuba, provided that one of them is a foreigner, requirements are:

From the foreign party:

• Birth certificate
• Valid Passport or official identity documents
• If single, bachelorhood certification (Document expires after  6 months of issued)
• If divorced,  firm sentence of divorce or Divorce certificate
• If widower, marriage certificate and death certificate of spouse
• All documents should be presented translate into Spanish and properly legalized at the Cuban Consulate in the country in which they have been issued.
• If issued in a country in which no Cuban Consulate exist, documents should be legalized at a Cuban Consulate in a country chosen by the applicant.

From the Cuban party:

• Identity card
• Birth certificate
• If divorced, divorce sentence or notarial divorce papers.
• If widowed, Marriage certificate and death certificate of spouse.

The contracting female party will have also to present:

Medical certificate certifying the pregnancy or not, always before 301 days of the last divorce.

Marriage by proxy:

In this case, in addition to the documentation mentioned above, the foreign party will have to send to Cuba in order to be presented at the notary:

Power of attorney granted before a public notary, in Spanish idiom and legalized at a Cuban Consulate in which it has been issued. In case of having been granted in an idiom different to Spanish, the document must be translated into Spanish and properly legalized.

In case documents have been issued in a country in which there is not a Cuban Consular Office, it must be legalized at a Consulate to the applicant's election.

Also the power of attorney can be granted directly by the Consul of Cuba.

In order that the foreign contracting party may grant such power of attorney, this must have the personal data of the Cuban contracting person and those of the person who will be representing the foreign party at the marriage ceremony. This person may be any relative or friend of any sex, provided is of legal age.

Data  required are:

  • Complete Names
  • Home address
  • Birthplace
  • Number of ID Card
  • Minutes of Marriage Formalization

The ceremony is fixed in the moment of presenting the application, attending the contracting parties' interests, once the authorization for the Justice Ministry of the Republic of Cuba is conceded.

Contracting parties must come in person accompanied with two witnesses' of legal age who could not to have any family link with the contracting parties.

The ceremony can take effect in a different place to the one foreseen by the Juridical International Consultancy at the request of the applicant.

Issue of certifications:

Two certifications will be issued, one properly legalized by Ministry of Foreign affairs of the Republic of Cuba to take legal effects in a foreign country, and another one to be utilized at the Cuban national territory.


For the instruction of the wedding file, its formalization and delivery of two wedding certificates: 250 CUC.

For the presence of the notary out of the Consultancy in extra labor schedule: 150 CUC.

For the protocol of Birth, Bachelorhood, Divorce and Death certifications: 100 CUC.

Migratory Services

Depending the steps requested, the requirements are:

Residence permits abroad and indefinite leave:

• ID card or Minor's Identity Card
• 2 Photos
• Letter of Invitation

According to the case:

• Letter from Work or Study center
• Letter from the Ministry in case of University graduates
• Retired or pensioner Checkbook
• Fees: 200 CUC
• In case of minors, parental notarial power and birth certificate.

Permission of Temporary Leave:

• ID card or Minor's Identity Card
• Visa Passport or Visa Certificate 
• 2 photos  
• Letter of invitation

According to the case:

• Letter from Work or Study center
• Letter from the Ministry  in case of University graduates
• Retired or pensioner Checkbook
• Fees: 200 CUC.
• In case of minors, parental notarial power and birth certificate

Passports in Cuba

For residents in Cuba:

• 1 photo type passport
• ID Card
• Fees: 100 CUC; request Tax: 55 CUC in stamps from ONAT and 25 CUC in immediacy stamps. Total: 180 CUC

For residents abroad:

• 1 photo type passport
• Outdated or deteriorated passport or substitutive document in case of misplacement
• Entry card
• Fees: 225 CUC; request Tax: 55 CUC in stamps from ONAT and 25 CUC in immediacy stamps. Total 305 CUC.

Extension of Passport

For residents in Cuba:

• ID card
• Passport
• Fees: 30 CUC; request Tax in stamps from ONAT: 20 CUC. Total: 50 CUC

For residents abroad:

• Passport
• Entry card
• Fees: 80 CUC; Tax on the request in stamps from ONAT: 20 cuc and 25 CUC in immediacy stamps: Total: 125 CUC

Cuban citizen residents in the national territory in provinces other than Ciudad de La Habana who wish to request extensions through Ciudad de La Habana will have to pay an additional 25 CUC in immediacy stamps on request tax.

Also, see our Cuban passports page at for more information.

Obtaining and Legalization of Documents

The requirements for each one of the cases are detailed below:

Birth Certificate or Death Certificate

• Names and last names
• Place and date of birth or Death
• Register office in which the act was registered
• Tome and folio

Marriage Certificate

• Name and last names of the contracting parties
• Date and place of the formalization of marriage
• Register office where the marriage was registered
• Tome and folio

Certification of sentence of divorce

• Name and last name of the divorced persons
• Tribunal that issued the sentence
• Number and date of divorce sentence or the date in which divorce took effect

Grades Certification or titles of specialty

• Names and last names
• Center where you specialized
• Type or name of specialization
• Year in which  you finished the specialty

Grades Certifications, titles, programs of study and thematic plans

• Names and last names
• Center of study where the course took place if elementary school, secondary school or pre-university, specify address of center of studies; if it is an university center, the course of specialization taken and  faculty.
• Starting and conclusion date of studies.

Certification of Criminal Records

• Names and last names
• Birthplace
• Citizenship
• Birth date
• Sex
• Marital status
• Profession or occupation
• Color of the skin
• Address
• Name of parents
• Number of ID card

To be usable in a foreign place, all documents must use to be legalized by a competent official of the Central Level of the Organism that it corresponds, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba and by the Consulate of the country where it is intended to be used.

Fees for Legalization of Documents in Cuba

(fees do not include any labor cost)

• Obtaining Birth, Marriage, Death certificates and criminal records: 100 CUC
• Obtaining of a firm sentence of divorce: 150 CUC
• Obtaining acts of last will and Heirs declaratory sentence: 150 CUC
• Obtaining of legal capacity or certificate of bachelorhood: 100 CUC
• Obtaining of graduates title Certificate or non-disabled or other: 150 CUC
• Obtaining of Grades certificate: 250 CUC
• Obtaining Original Title: 250 CUC
• Obtaining of Program of Studies: 350 CUC
• Obtaining of thematic plan: 250 CUC
• Legalization of teaching documents at organisms of the Central Government of the state: 100 CUC
• Legalization of any document at the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs: 100 CUC
• Legalization of any document in Consulates based in Cuba: 100 CUC

A tax on documents (stamps) in national currency and CUC according to the case is required.

Services of legalization of documents at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Cuban residents established on the national territory.

US Based Cuban Document Retrieval Services

Through our sister site, Havana Journal Inc (a Massachusetts based corporation) offers a proprietary Cuban document retrieval service featuring many of the services listed above.

Please contact us and tell us more about the services you need and we will either help you directly or refer to the most competent attorney or law firm that specializes in your issue.  

For more information

Ask us for assistance regarding attorney/firm contact information and areas of practice.

Note: The United States Department of the Treasury advises that Treasury restrictions apply to payments by residents of the United States for legal services in Cuba in accordance with Title 31, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 515.21. The Cuba legal assistance review service we offer is OFAC compliant.  

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